Night Terrors began in early 2015 as a monthly club night at The Shacklewell Arms between two friends; Niall Kavanagh and Elliott Lane. After a while, we decided to branch out into putting on events with live acts.

We've gone on to put some great nights over the years, selling out various venues across London, including The Waiting Room, The Shacklewell Arms, MOTH CLUB, Peckham Audio, The Lexington, Electrowerkz, Oslo, Studio 9294, Scala and Heaven.

Night Terrors has a very strict manifesto of the type of artists we work with. We don't believe in describing music as a genre - it's a mood. If it sounds intense, noisey, hypnotic, lustful, evil, or just straight-up weird then we're probably into it x

The following have graced our stages:

ADULT. // Bad Breeding // Bambara // Black Marble // Bo Ningen // Boy Harsher // Cabaret Nocturne // Chain Of Flowers // Cold Showers // Drahla // Es // Group A // Hante. // HIDE // Housewives // J.C. Satan // Jessica93 // Kælan Mikla // Kontravoid // The KVB // Lebanon Hanover // Linea Aspera // Lower Slaughter // Lust For Youth // Molchat Doma // M!R!M // Nation Unrest // Panther Modern // Poison Point // Qlowski // RAMLEH // Ritual Howls // Second Still // Selofan // Special Interest // Tamaryn // Uncanny Valley // USA Nails // Zamilska